What can you predict about the future of voice-based gadgets?

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has developed a lot over the past few years. Scientists have been trying to make machines interact like human beings for many years. Finally, they have seen some success. We now have several voice-based gadgets in the market. Siri, Google, Cortana, and others have become the voice assistants. You don’t have to swap or touch your mobile anymore, you can simply give different commands to your smartphone and it will do the task for you. But what is the future of voice-based gadgets?

Understand deeper human knowledge

The researchers are trying to find out how AI systems can understand deeper human knowledge. That way they will become better in answering different questions. The Siri and other voice assistants still have lots of lackings. Sometimes, they don’t recognize what you are saying or cannot answer some of your questions. But in future, these devices will be more accurate and will be able to answer questions that require lots of thinking. They will almost work like human brains.

Improved interaction

The way we interact with machines will change. The machines will be able to interact with us more, they will understand images better, interpret videos in a more intelligent way. The machines will be able to understand our daily conversations.

Create rivalry

Eventually, if the machines get that intelligent and understand human commands that well, then they might become rivals to humans. They might take up human jobs.

Voice-based gadgets are now dominating the marketplace. You will now find alarm clocks and smartwatches that will listen to your voice and interact with you just like humans.

Infographic by: west.com

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