Top 4 gadgets in the market that use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) had been the main topic of conversation in most technology events. There has been a huge advancement in this sector. Lots of new gadgets with AI had been introduced into the market. Here are the top AI-embedded gadgets you will find today.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

This is a special drone having artificial intelligence. It can navigate it’s way alone without any human control. So, if there is an obstacle, it can turn in another way to avoid it. It can recognize your face from the crowd take your selfie without you know, it can make sure that an object is within the frame before taking a photo.

Netamo Welcome

It’s a security camera that can be very useful for your home. It will be able to recognize your face; so if an intruder gets in the house, it can alert you. As it can recognize faces, you will be able to know whether your loved ones are home in case you are in the office or somewhere away. It can store videos for you to see later on.

Vobot Halo Light

This gadget was introduced at the CES 2018. As you wake up in the morning the intensity of the light will get brighter. It will greet you a warm morning. It can also give you an update on the weather and the top news of the day.

Cocoon Cam Clarity

This device is designed for the newborn babies. It will be able to keep track of your baby’s breathing and sleeping patterns. It can inform you when the baby cries. It can give real-time data about the temperature, humidity, etc. of the room.

These devices are very useful and you will have a more comfortable life by having these in your home. But make sure that you do some research before buying these gadgets. Read the reviews and then purchase the product of your choice.